What’s your perfect girl? Let me guess she has glossy long hair, lustrous green eyes Or Is it the way she carries herself around? Is it the attire that makes her look so PERFECT?  Or perhaps it’s her Barbie-doll figure, she’s tall, slim has a tiny waste-All in all she’s beautiful –Perfect skin tone,  no blots, pimples or freckles on her beautifully sculpted face.  She’s the paragon of beauty. Smiles a lot and shows off those bright white teeth, makes you want to “Never smile again”

Congratulations! Your Miss perfecto is just another society STEREOTYPE!

She’s plastic, face laid with colours, God knows the number of surgeries she went through to get a perfect nose and a face cut, concealing her true self, and hiding behind a façade afraid to be disliked or look ugly. Has a figure like she’s never eaten anything her entire life.  She’s only portraying to be something she is not.  Something you can see but isn’t there on the first place.  She’s like any other girl, shown in movies; a rich spoiled prejudiced-Daddy’s little girl made of breakable glass -must be handled with care- type, hangs out with other stereotype girls.  Accepted by the society up-front and talked about or criticized behind her back. That’s a Society’s Perfect Girl-Miss Plastic. She’s a clique, dressed in showy branded clothes; Gucci, Prada or Channel- you name it!   She’s aware of all the latest pop songs and she hums a lot and follows the latest fashion. Let’s not forget she takes pride in it. She is prejudiced would hardly glance your way but when she does, she seems like she’s contemplating, whether you’re good enough to be looked at or not! You’ve got to be PLASTIC to hang out with her or to be liked by her highness. One more thing she’s very judgmental.

Well, this plastic-girl disease is spreading, taking roots and infecting more and more of us with every passing day. Parents rather help turn their baby girls into plastic dolls themselves. Stereotype parents give birth to stereotype babies. When a female child is born she’s bought Barbie dolls to play with. They dress her up in pink and her room happens to be pink too. Nothing against pink here I used to love it maybe I still like it wee bit. While she’s growing up, another important part of her up-bringing is well-played by our media which actually shows cartoons or shows casting the stereotypes Barbie look-alike things. She’s awed by them and then wants to be like them.  To her those things are perfect.  The whole Barbie girl, fairy glamour is captivating and she’s dazed. She dreams of becoming like them. Her entire world comprises of plastic things (not speaking of plastic plastic).  And Voilà she does!!!

The world needs to come to its senses. I mean what the hell’s happening around us?  Take a look around you’ll see spoiled brats ruling the planet. THIS IS CREEPY.  STOP BEING PLASTIC. STOP BEING SOMETHING THAT’S NOT ORIGINAL. STOP BEING SO DISTURBINGLY PERFECT.  I MEAN IT’S FAKE ANYWAYS. STAY WHO YOU ARE. BE YOURSELF!!!


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