I followed my dreams to lands afar

Beyond the moon and morning star

I gave all my happiness for an unattainable bliss,

And within the captured moments something went amiss

I gambled the reality for a handful of dreams,

And watched the ancient tapestry torn at the seams

Spilling the vivid colours, blue, black and white

Blinding my wisdom, enhancing my sight

Of words and far beyond, searching for a non-existent kingdom

For thoughts imprisoned, long awaiting freedom

But running in a circle all this time

I’ve been trying to make sense of a meaning less rhyme

Lost in a maze, losing the sanity

With the confusion washing away the ambiguity

Be-fooled by a mirage once again,

Cursing at my evil-luck; my disdain

Fallen now, disheartened and disgraced

Yet I let the reality blur and dreams embrace

My empty soul

Trapped in times unknown, letting it whole!!

Copyrights: Aiza Chaudry


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  1. Beautiful and sad.

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    1. TheGypsymind says:



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