Dreams Don’t Die

Fire of your desires will burn you down

Chasing after dreams will bring you knee-down on the ground

Dreams-Thousands die, Thousands reborn

For great minds are born in the fields of corn

Live, dream, strive and never forget

Reality is what some dreams don’t beget

Remember your place and know who you are

For who knows you could be their star

Dream high, dream the unattainable

In a bittersweet reality it could be a dream come true

Of your dreams and desires you’ll be deprived

But deprivation will eventually teach you too survive

Dreams live on, dreams don’t die

It’s like in the wild sea, a sailor’s cry

In a world so big, imaginations too small

Dream big, dream wild, paint it on the walls

Live them, cherish them, don’t let them die

Be open, be welcoming like the welcoming sky

Dream forever; Don’t be shy

For thee will see, dreams don’t die…

Copyrights: Aiza Chaudry

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