What is your last wish?

So, a friend asked me the other day If it had been your last day what would be your last wish?

And I thought and thought about it. I couldn’t set my mind on one particular wish or desire.

NO! I guess I either had no last wish or I had more than one. I couldn’t decide. I kept thinking for days and I couldn’t think of anything… I thought about the unattainable.. things beyond my approach and yes i wanted so many things…

Today, I again thought of it and my mind finally responded!!

I want to be a writer. I want the world to know me as a writer and as an artist. Nothing too famous or special just someone who tried to live and raised the hopes for others. Someone who became an inspiration for someone. I want the world to know me without the strings attached to that. No! I do not want fame. I want to become a lyricist. I want to create my own band too. I want to sing for the hopeless and lost. I want to let them know they are not alone in this. I want to speak for the ones who are too afraid to do so. I want to comfort them I want to stand up for them!

I want to die my hair all colors. Mostly silver and blue! I just think it would look cool. xD

Other than that I wish I could somehow chase all my favorite Rock bands.. well a fan-girl in me desires to do so!   More importantly I wish to be near the people I love and adore. All my friends!!

Do you have any last wishes? Have you ever thought about it?


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