Hey Girl…


Even if you think you’re not, even if no one has ever told you!


You don’t think you are… And people hardly ever mentioned it to you… But Beauty is all that you radiate!

You’re BRAVE!

A moth or a flying cockroach doesn’t define your courage… your heart does! Ability to bear does!!

You’re UNIQUE!

You’re not like anyone else… You’re YOU! And guess what there can NEVER be another you!

You’re a FIGHTER!

You fight your emotions and the desire to kill the jerks who hit on you… you RESIST GENOCIDE! Hell yeah you’re a FIGHTER….!!!


Yes you are.. You’re not hollow- you’re no combination of gray or blacks! You’re a million colours spilled on a canvas bored!

You’re SMART!

You’re smart! Need i remind you of that?

It should be enough for you to believe in yourself and not belittle yourself! Be wise-Be strong and DO NOT EVER take anyone’s judgement to your beautifully sculptured heart! There’s grace in it-the way you handle things sometimes. You little maiden, you’re young…Enjoy as the years pass by.. make memories! LIVE not BREATH!

Even if the entire planet conspires against you-KNOW THIS YOU’RE NOT ALONE!!

The Gypsy ❤


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