Psychosis (paranoia)

With crimson hands he turns the key

Unlocks an obscure reality

A twisted truth

A convincing lie

Obvious like the golden eye

Burning bright in the night sky


Memories unfold

Doors Unlock


he falls

In his own morbid fears

He drowns

Standing on a burning bridge somewhere in his divided mind

He peers down

At the sea of flames

Filled with the charcoaled souls

Burning in their own lust and shame

With an ever growing hunger

With a never ending crave

Each growls….

For more

The chapter ends

Starts Next Chapter

Sitting upright on a dark throne

Is a man in mask who pulls their strings

And like obliged puppets,

they dance down in the pit

on the songs of their own screams

Then he finds himself among those

Who sold their souls in a bid

Standing beside those who paid a price for it

He runs to the black door

Caged by the mirrors

He stares at his reflection staring back at him

All doors locked

In his mind’s inferno

He finds himself

Trapped among the Damned and the Doomed!!!

Copyrights: Aiza Chaudry


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