Is The World Colorless Or Am I Colorblind?

He sees the world with those grey eyes

Sees the world All Black and white

How could he know what colours are,

Of spring green trees or bright blue skies

How could he know what he heard was right?

A bitter-sweet truth among the lies

But somewhere deep down in his heart

He knew the truth from the start

He didn’t want to believe

Didn’t want to break

He would, If he could make a trade

With the shades of white, black and grey

So with the colours he could play

He didn’t want to hear what they had to say

So he kept painting pictures colourless

Fooled by his own imagination

Tricked by his very sight

And he wondered and wondered everyday

One bitter question with an answer unkind

Is the world colourless or Am I colourblind?

Copyrights: Aiza Chaudry


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