They “The Masterminds”

redThey’re painting the world all red

Shading it and coloring it with innocent’s blood

Son, look at those beast’s bestiality

I see development today but no humanity

Look at our so-called educated politicians

they wage wars over oils, say, all with good intentions

Aah the greed, they fill their pockets while the poor dies

No concern, such selfishness, they’re deaf to their cries

They create for world, illusions to see

living in a rat cage, we keep thinking we’re free

The wide spread hatred, all over the world

Racism and Discrimination Man it’s all absurd

We’re blinded, fooled by their conspiracies

Burdened by artificial crisis and other insecurities

We’re hypnotized, maneuvered and manipulated

We’re being lied to, truth is not truth it’s all fabricated

I cant see or taste or even smell freedom

They “the masterminds” are ruling our little Kingdom…..

Copyrights: Aiza Chaudry


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