She screamed in his face, with so much pain in her eyes “shoot me please!!! Please” And he took the 9mm from her and shot her, right in the head. And she was lying there, with a smile, her brain matter and blood splashed all over the road like a beautiful painting. An Abstract of misery and death. And then she was standing there with a smile beckoning him to come to her and just like the past ten years he woke up screaming again. He ad been having nightmares since the past ten years now. He had killed her to rid her of her misery. Yet, she haunted him, Calling his name in her cold, ghostlike voice. She had come back for him. He gets off the bed, moves the blinds and looks out, it was still dark. He then walks to his cupboard and opens up the secret draw, there it was, the weapon of psycho-kill. He holds it in his hand, feeling the weight of it, it was soothing in a painful and creepy way. He loads it then, walking his fingers over it’s body and kissing it. then slowly raising it to his temple, he pulls the trigger.Β 


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    1. TheGypsymind says:

      Mission accomplished then!! πŸ˜‰

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