Fate Vs You

Sometimes we do the right thing for all the wrong reasons and sometimes we do the wrong thing for all the right reasons. It’s a stupid yet undeniable logic that revolves around nothing but some life experiences. I’m no philosopher, nope! Just a girl, who wants to be able to see things clearly but is surrounded by an emotional turmoil, who breaks down but stands up, fights it off. (hell, she’s awesome)

Life is like a battlefield, we’re all soldiers, fighters, fighting for our lives. Or say it’s an exam we have to go through, somehow it prepares us for that exam and then there’s the result. We suffer and we suffer some more and end up dying anyway, not so sure of future and then comes all the atrocities on a silver platter or should I say golden platter with diamonds and rubies and pearls engraved in it!! That would be more like it eh?

Life is life, so I guess we play like a warrior and win the game but of-course it’s not as easy as it sounds. When I was a kid my mum used to tell me to be a fighter and be brave and all that. And to tell you the truth she was right. Yeah! Yeah!!! Hell! I say wear a Bulletproof jacket before you enter the battlefield or wear the shiny armor because your FATE could be hiding outside somewhere in a tree or the bushes to put a bullet in your chest or head. Oops! You’ll need a bullet proof hat or helmet too. And you can’t just let the fate WIN. You can’t just let it push you and drag you harshly, So, You fight it. Kill it if you can!!


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