You heard me!

I’m not just a girl. I’m not your stereotype girl either. I’m more than that. I’m not sensitive. I’m not fragile. I’m not a glass or china doll that would easily break. Nope! I’m tough and strong. I can fend for myself. I can speak for myself. I am Independent.

And don’t you boys or men dare underestimate the power of a GIRL! You heard me? Don’t you dare! Because I’m capable of anything. Don’t you associate crying with me or don’t call my compassion a weakness. Don’t you assume girls can’t fight. And for the sake of your wits quit repeating the cliches like ” be a man or stop crying like girls “etc. It’s so annoying! Get over yourselves already and stop being petty!

Pink isn’t my only colour okay? I can wear whatever colour I like! I can dress myself in blue or black or grey or brown. My choice. Stop associating make-up with me. Yes I do make-up! But who creates it for me? And I can have a know-how of cars too or guns as a matter of fact! we can ride a bike same as a man or play soccer or basketball like a man. And you know it too. Some of you just cant wrap your head around the idea of woman being independent I suppose. We have already proved ourselves of our worth! We’re engineers, doctors, surgeons, architects, racers, fighters etc etc. Accept us as strong and independent creatures. We are the ones again that keep the planet spinning.  And you say we lack that manly strength? ha-ha could you give birth to a child or two?

The Gypsy


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