Do you have one?

I wonder if you do. Because I have one and it’s me myself. No. No. I was not referring to superman or batman or some ninja you so wish was in your sad life. And yep I am my own Hero for I have struggled to become a better version of myself. Bad things never cease to exist in my life. Moments are ruined. Volcanoes they explode. Bad-luck keeps knocking on my door. I fall. I get hurt. I think of giving up and then I don’t. I stand up. I find myself smiling and laughing despite of that. Because one must fall, fall hard in order to learn to fly.

I realized none of us need a Hero. We have one within ourselves. We just need to see real close. Yes! see within yourself, peek into the darkness and the merging yellow red colors and brilliant amalgamation of other colors. Keep your eyes close for some time. Breathe. Calm yourself down. Let the person in you awaken.

People will always let you down. Try to bring you down to the ground. Hurt you. Disappoint you. People you trust most. People closer to you than anyone else. It can’t be helped. Selfishness has no limit. Know that! But you be smart and save yourself the tension, hurt or anger. Close your eyes and grab hold of the one within. Sort it out calmly. Which wont be easy if you tend to lose control and smack people quiet often. But with the clock ticking away it gets easier. Don’t give up just yet. Not on people or the situation. Deal with it. Don’t you run away. Face it!

Be your own Hero. Heroes do not necessarily fly or run fast in a flash. They walk. You don’t need laser beams or Iron strength to be a hero. You just need a strong heart and you need to keep struggling to achieve your goals. Also, No one can always protect you from the dark or bad vibes. It has to be you. You’ve got to be the hero of your own story. Remember that you’re the writer. You decide whether you want to play the hero or the victim.

This post is for everyone. Anyone who feels suppressed, depressed and oppressed. Good-luck to ye all.

The Gypsy

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