Diversity is Unity! (point to ponder)

Truth is “Diversity” was meant to be to keep the system healthy. If everything operated the same way the system would fail. If every one walked the same path there wouldn’t have been any requirements for a system. Good or bad, night or day beauty and the crude is all part of the same system and centers one belief. There’s only one planet-earth that is being shared by us; wide variety of people-different race, different colours, different castes and different religions-over which there has always been a conflict. Humans it seems can not accept or respect one another. We’re void of this factor.

The “Different” over the centuries has always been a threat. Even though unity has been demanded forever yet, the different is never accepted. The narrow minds and the conservatives have always refused and denied the different. Truth is unity is in diversity. It’s almost like one body with different body parts and hence different functions. Each body part or organ performs its own function without hindering the work of other. If all the body parts started performing one function, took care of only one task do you really think body would remain healthy and function properly? It would simply fail to live. Tongue couldn’t play the role of a heart or the heart couldn’t function as a brain and eyes couldn’t function as ears. None could perform the duty of the other. It would imbalance the system and system would end-Die!  You see, for a system to thrive or to be healthy diversity becomes a necessity. All it requires then is for each part to play its particular role and respect it. Just like our legs-they carry our body weight and respect it without complaining and other body parts assist them in their own ways without complaining- they’re co-existent. One can not exist or act without the other.

Why can’t a white, brown or black do the same? We all exist I believe without our permissions. We exist. We just do and we happen to share the same planet. Why can’t one of a different religion, cast, race or colour be respected by the other. We all are the part of the same system. WE all have existed for too long. We breath in the same air. We all have similar skulls inside of us. We’re all designed the same way. Our body functions the same way. We carry similar body organs. Everyone is important. We are the system. All of us. We all have to live side by side and respect and accept each-other. Respect and acceptance is what we really lack now and what we need the most. This planet belongs to everyone not just me or you. Not the brown or white or only the black. To all of us. We’re all in the same boat as long as we live.

And now moving to the bad and good, right and wrong, chaos and peace this is nature. For the right to be right there has to be wrong and for good to be appreciated there has to be bad and for there to be peace there has to be chaos. Everything created is co-existent one can not survive without the another. This is the system. Each plays its part and honours it and respects it. This is the beauty of it. As for the conflict it is necessary for a system to thrive and continue to exist. However, one must respect the choice, belief or idea of the other to prevent conflict and to live side by side. After-all we’re all the fruit of the same tree.

Now to those who may counter-attack upon my idea you’re free to do so. I believe in freedom of speech.

Peace and Adios

The Gypsy


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