Dark shades of Love

Do you love me? she asks hysterically.

“Yes” he says rather slowly looking at her disheveled hair first and then rest of the body as-if tracing it without touching it.

What can you do for me? she says.

I would.. die for you. Give my soul for you.. my body..life

she cuts him of and says “No!! Life and this soul or this life.. none are yours to give! you can not claim it.. So, dont you speak of giving them up for me… Those are your gifts..

I want something that is yours to give…”

Astounded, rather confused now he repeats “something that is mine to give? something I possess….”

“Yes” she says “something that is only yours. You can give…”

“What is mine then.. my fair lady. I own nothing everything’s god gifted” he mutters almost to himself.

“Can you give-up on your will? Can you let go of your desires for me?…. Can you give away your happiness for mine.. can you?…” Scrutinizing him carefully as-if reading his mind. ” can you surrender your will to mine?…… For will is all that you own my love. This body, this life and this soul aren’t yours to give. Would you surrender your will to mine?… Would you?”

“Yes..” he speaks, words resonating in the back of his head. “Yes.. Yes I would”.

“then lets not meet after now.. after today!!… forget that I….exist” She speaks firmly.

He walks out of the room shuddering, limping. half-heartedly he runs. Runs into the dark cold night. cold breeze slapping against his face. Tears running down his cheeks too blinded too notice the flashlights.

The Gypsy


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