Pandora’s Box

Let’s lessen the treachery, greed and lies that stocks

up In thy heart-perfect Ingredients to my little box

The sickness, the diseases are life-hindering rocks

Let’s lock them up in my little box

Sad times, the bad times are just the clogged clocks

Let’s lock them too in my little box

War and hatred and sin are like the pox

Must have have escaped my little box

Now left with your contempt and a pride that mocks

Let’s feed it all to my little box

However, the death and fate-none could outfox

But the misery it brings, we could lock it in my box

Also, Dreams-your dreams are all but a hoax

I wonder if they too escaped my little box

Now that all is in-put on the chains and locks,

Seal and conceal the Pandora’s Box!!!

Copyrights: Aiza Chaudry


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