A letter to Peace

Dear Peace,

It’s been long. The world’s in chaos. Our minds are in chaos. We need you now more than ever. System is disintegrating. People are going wacko. There are angry rebels. Nasty Politicians. It’s a war-zone. Kids are troubled-high on coke, meth etc Futures are being destroyed. Feminists are roaring. Chauvinists are emancipating. Tree-huggers complaining. Animal rights organizations howling. World’s a mess. There are equality wars and then there is injustice and hunger related issues. And yes of-course there are those who stand up for their so-called righteous cause only to help flourish more chaos.
Where have you been? Lately, it seems a little impossible to seek you out, to find you… Everyone’s been looking for you. Somewhere. Everywhere. I tried looking for you in books and sleep and… Some kids tried looking for you in drugs. Some went the path one must not ever take. Suicide. Genocide. Common. I wonder if they ever found you there. Some tried the old school methods. Screaming, Meditating, Musical instruments etc etc. But No one ever truly found you. Did they? Where are you? The world needs you! Now! We could all use some peace right now…… Please be here!

Yours Truly
The Gypsy


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