Change is Constant

Bad days pretty much seem like a forever don’t they? But they pass just when it feels as though you’re losing everything and everyone, the good days come running with arms spread wide. An old friend meeting you after a billion years or more. And you take that old friend for granted too. Problem is we take everything for granted. The happy days and the sad days. Nothing is for granted. The sun doesn’t stay on the horizon forever, neither does the moon. Good days and bad days are just the aspects of life you must learn. In order to appreciate the good days you have, the bad days exist. Or you could say It’s the “CHANGE IS CONSTANT” thing. Nothing’s for eternity. Things change, situations change and so, people change. It’s the part of evolution.

And the sun always sets
The moon always falls
It feels like the end
Just pay no mind at all
And keep rolling
Life must go on
(Alter Bridge)

The Gypsy

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