Be Odd. Be Weird. Be Yourself!!

I don’t know why wont people be just themselves. Why would they pretend to be something that is admired by other people, to fit in?  Why would anyone want to impress someone else? What about you? Your satisfaction doesn’t mean anything? I’m saying it because I was one of those people who try desperately to impress others and then wind up hurt. I was that awkward odd child. The Misfit. I used to be like that. USED TO be like that. But I grew up just fine. And you’ll do too. I do what I want to now. I have great, amazing friends. Life’s GOOD. Because people who accept you for who you are would stick around and walk by your side no matter what. So, just be yourself. Say what comes to your mind. Be honest. You don need the whole fuckin planet’s approval!

Be Odd. Be Weird. Be yourself!! Be the amazing person you are!!! If no one else likes you that way? Trust me I still would. 😉


The Gypsy


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