The Blank Walls

Walls.. interesting walls. Especially the whitewashed ones. Do you ever paint them? With your thoughts? With your imagination? Coloring them. Throwing random colors? The paint bombs. Bringing them to life?

Do You feel them breathe? Hear them whisper? Listen to them sing the blank meaning full songs?

Do you stare at them and often find yourself somewhere far? Do they make you wander lands afar? Make you often visit the memory lane?

But do you know they feel what you feel, they capture all your life-long moments. They remember you. And when you’re not around they miss you. They miss your presence. All you have to do is feel them too. Hear them talk.

They’re blank but they’re mysterious. They’re interesting. Especially when you have nothing else to do. No where else to go. And life seems bizarre. You’re purposeless. Wayward. Lost. Or simply because you have to study and you’re just not in the mood! xD

Bored Gypsy


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