-Rants of a Gypsy-

Hey I’m Aiza; the lady who draws and writes occasionally under the pseudonym “The Gypsy”.  I was never your regular science child. No offence. I hated mathematics. Actually I despised maths. If there was something that could scare the living daylights out of me? It was maths. I was more of an artist. I was the misfit child of the family  as all my siblings were scarily The Einsteins. Yep.  I was proudly an outcast at the college. Being different is so much fun. It’s funny where I am today because all my teachers wanted me to be an artist. Anyway, I never stopped being one. Maybe, I’ll paint my masterpiece someday.. Or write a book. What motivates me? Inspires me? To do what I do? Let’s just say the music I listen to and the situations or people…
I write because I have to write. It’s a need that builds up inside of me-like a volcano waiting to erupt. And I have to let it all out! Either into rants or art. Some days I don’t write and those days are the hardest and the cruelest. Writing is a way of expressing one’s soul and heart. I have this blog for the very same reason. Good enough or not. I created something beautiful. An online journal perhaps. I thought I needed to write. Poetry or no Poetry. Hence, I ended up with the Idea of “Rants Of A Gypsy” in my mind. To be precise writing is a need. And needs-If not met-can drive you mad-INSANE!!!! because I adore gypsies. I always have. I think everything about them is mystical and magical. They’re eerie. They’re beautiful. They’re free. They wander. They know stuff. They are often depicted as fortune tellers; crystal balls or the tarot cards. Fabulous and mystique.

The Gypsy


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