Pandora’s Box (my version)

As usual everyone was having a splendid time-laughing, eating, partying, it was always the bonfires and roasted meat, wine and sweet stuff-somehow this annoyed her. At first it was fun but then she got tired of this. Waking up everyday smiling and laughing. Oh the monotony! Even now watching her husband and other natives partying irritated her. Everyone was too happy. Everything was too perfect. So good, so perfect that no one even realized it. No one thought about it. She didn’t know whether it was the happiness and pleasure that drove her insane or the box that lay beside her. It whispered to her when no one was around. It was a gift from Zeus on her wedding-the most queer of all. Everyone had bestowed her with something nice, something she liked. But this box, this was an object of curiosity. He had told her not to open the box ever. Although, she had promised not to open it ever she longed to open it. The box spoke to her now,  asking her to let them free. Yes she knew what was inside of it. Every time the box spoke to her it had a different voice, an urgency to it. Which kindled the flame of curiosity further. What would happen if she let them out?  She had to open it up. Her husband had warned her about the clever gods and about Prometheus’ punishment-of everything that befell them. She thought maybe she was different and Epimethius was like other humans. How could he not want to open the box? Why wouldn’t he? But Pandora, she was different. She knew what was inside of it but she wanted to  She wore the key around her neck as a pendent. It was now or never. So, when no one was looking her way she unlocked the box and opened the lid. As soon as she lifted the lid out came misery, out came death, out came sadness, out came all the evils – shaped like tiny buzzing moths. She looked at them and then heard the tiny voice inside of the box calling out to her. It was hope. Pandora then let her out too. They all looked at her and flew out of the window. Surely now, things would change she thought. People would understand what life meant. They would suffer and realize what real happiness meant. They would be more kind and thankful. They would be more perceptive. They would learn. They would evolve. They would learn to value things.

The Gypsy

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