Greed Is Curse?

A blessing to me, my greed is a curse
Too little, not much, never enough
Ever-hungry, hoarding, devoted to and compulsed
by a need as a thirsty water-trough

Awaits me all the gold, the diamonds, the rubies
The lost, the hidden, the exquisite treasures
Wanting more, seeking more, Mine are the glories
A thirst never quenched-bottomless pleasure

Burning wild inside is a craving like fire
Belly filled fine-bulging-I long for more
From a need to the want, the want to desire
Deep within me this fire burns to the core

Ah the life I spent feeding my greed
And became this greed my very need
Hoarded till my very last breath
And now I lay cold awaiting my death

Bury it all with me, I shall take it to my grave
To the poor, to the dying, to the hungry-I never gave,
I never will-for my greed is a blessing cum curse
With my lust, my greed-Cursed-I’ll now ride the hearse.

The Gypsy


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