Who Is A Creatyst?

Are you somebody who walks miles and miles only to click pictures ?
Do you spend countless hours rewriting your story ?
Do you stand in front of a mirror and imitate movie scenes ?
Are you somebody who sings more than talk ?
Are you somebody who has a passion and is willing to risk it all just to make the world a better place through it ?
Then yes you are an artist. You are a Creatyst!
But very often people give up on their passion. Passion to write, to dance, to sing, to draw, to express themselves, to feel fulfilled.
And Why ?
Because they don’t get time ?
Because they will get ridiculed ?
Because they don’t have resources ?
Because they are shy or scared ?
Because they care more about money ?
Because they care more about security ?
In doing all that you just traded your happiness and peace of mind for it.
But you know what giving up your passion for any of the above reasons still wont help you achieve what you thought you wanted. Because your mind and heart is divided. They are not following the same goal and hence you will not be able to put in your 100%.
What many people assume that is you have to make a successful money making career out of your passion.
Which may not be necessarily true. Yes you can have a great career too. But your passion can help you in other aspects as well. Practicing your passion can be your stress-buster, your way of meditating, a way to express your self, a way to communicate or a way to help people.
You need to stop fearing the outcome of your passion. Look at the brilliantly sculptured hands of yours or the mystical wondering mind, you are suppose to create and build on the thousands of ideas that run through your head.
Let your imagination run wild. Paint the colourless world. Scribble those thoughts on a piece of paper. Film those scenes. Create things. Design things. Give your ideas a form.
The Gypsy

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