Moth And Flame

Said a flame once who would dare dance to the flame?
A Moth did hear of the macabre game

Moth: I’ll take the chance
Hold my hand dear let us dance

Flame: My heat will singe your wings
Songs of death is all this love sings

Moth: I’m fragile I do not deny
But die today, die tomorrow, someday I’ll die

Flame: You’ll cry, you’ll want to die, there’ll be regret
You have fallen for something you can never get

Moth:  I care not, I fear not; Embrace me
Attracted, distracted you’re all I see

Flame: Away you fly before I consume you whole
Your skin, your bones and your beautiful soul

Moth: what’s this life if lived in fear?
Deny the beauty of love my dear?

Flame: Do you see not? Can you feel not?
I burn unbearably hot

Moth: Your flare-true-could burn me
Perhaps of this misery your love could set me free?

Flame: What love, if it destroys?
What beauty lies in those hideous ploys?

Upon hearing this the Moth kisses the Flame to ashes
Flame flares in agony as down once again her entire world crashes….!!!!!

The Gypsy


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