Who am I?

Who am I?
I don’t know. I don’t remember.
All I remember is that I loved you so much. So much that I forgot my own existence loving you. I made your existence my own. Erased mine loving you, exploring you, knowing you, understanding you. Nothing mattered but you. Your happiness. Your sorrows.. I made it all mine. I was just too absorbed in you that I forgot my very existence. Loving you is all I know. All I remember….
I think I lost myself trying to make you happy. Trying to satisfy you I erased myself. Faded in the background completely. But I don’t blame you.  No. I blame my self entirely.
It’s just that when you left I did not know myself anymore. I have forgotten who I am.
Somewhere between the sand of times I lost myself. And now all that is left of me is a beating heart and a wandering, unknown soul with no destination and no identity-A living phantom.

-The Gypsy

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