What is self harm?
Cutting myself with a blade.
Burning my body on different places.
An addiction-Never fades.

Why do you cut yourself?
To deafen the mental pain.
To hush the screams, shrieks and whispers
To feel, to see if I’m still sane.

Oh! It must be agonizing. Are you depressed?
Does it hurt?
Hurt? Does it hurt? Am I depressed?
HAHAHA! Silly, I’m fine.

-The Gypsy

NOTE: I do not cut myself. It’s just I can’t help but think about people who do. And I know why they do what they do. And the kind of help they need. They don’t need shrinks or psychologists. They need friends and family. They need love, care and affection. So, If you happen to know someone who is always or mostly stressed. And is always kind of lost in a world of their own. Doesn’t talk much or laugh or share anything at all. Or gives you a tired smile. Stick with them. Show them extra love and care. Be around them. Take care of them. Eventually, you’ll see them bloom. You’ll see them evolve into something strong and beautiful. 🙂
Thank-you for reading!!! ❤

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