-Finding Madness-

You there Sir!
You must be Lunatic.
Are you looking for madness?
Well, she went down the crazy lane. Beware though I warn the demented you it’s a little deranged, down there where the roads of seclusion, passion and melancholy intersect. There’s pandemonium. You may find her there. If not there then somewhere along the twisted road of passion. That or she must have gone berserk. You may find her there raving along hysteria and manic. I hear she’s rather fond of insanity, you may walk east of mind in that case. The road is a little wacky but you’ll be fine. West is wild though. Made especially for the frantic. Pray you don’t have to go there all by yourself, better take frenzy with you to search for madness. Have you heard of bonkers though? People usually go bonkers when they fail to comprehend something important. If you fail to find her do go bonkers Sir. Neurotic north is your place. Finding her shouldn’t be difficult but it is quiet a task I must say. Quiet a maddening task. Unless you’re already accompanied by delirium and dementia. Well, then you need not fear the delusions which could lead you to trickery mania. And trust me when I tell you Sir you do not want to be tricked. And If you fail to seek her there go to spasmodic south. You’ll bump into ecstasy and pleasure which will help you find your lost madness….

-The Gypsy


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