-Figuring out Life-

At some point in life you’ll think about all the terrible things you’ve done. All the terrible decisions you’ve made. You’re going to have to forgive yourself for all those. Because you lost nothing and only gained experience. You learnt to make better decisions. Not good ones yet because you’re always better than you were the last time. It’s life’s way of perfecting you. Molding you into the perfect person you are to be. Humans are meant to make mistakes. We all do. We’re no Angels. If God didn’t want you to be wrong, to sin or to make mistakes he wouldn’t have created you on the first place. See my point? God wants you to sin, to make mistakes and be wrong so that you can repent, learn and be good. You have to be wrong in order to figure out the right. Bad to be good similarly. You have to taste the bitter to know the bitter and sweet to know the sweet. It’s called learning.

-The Gypsy


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