-Chromatic Darkness-

Breaking it’s way out of me. This chromatic darkness. Oh how good it feels. Sliding down my body, it’s touch so warm. I see stars. I feel fire. Grazing my skin with it’s cold breath… igniting a flame in it’s wake. I feel the wetness streaming down my cheeks. Oh I must be crying… colors..? Pooling out of my wounds.. I must be bleeding.. colours? I’m bleeding colours? Am I happy? Or am I sad? Or just mad? What is it this feeling? And this shiny object in my quivering hand smeared with the same chromatic darkness that I’m bleeding…. my wounds bleeding.. my thoughts… my vibes…..fading away.. this chromatic darkness is taking over me… but God it’s soothing. It’s sweet. This chromatic darkness is seeping through my very pores. Slashing it’s way of of me in different places. Burning. Pouring out of my pores… dripping down to the floor. Pooled up on the floor. This chromatic darkness. It wins every-time. As my lids shut and give way to the chromatic darkness I heave a sigh…

-The Gypsy


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