Your darkest fears
those rough black days
and your worst nightmares
the upheaval struggles
to live each day
when it only gets worse
and you’re ready to burst
into tears again
darkness consumes you
while they rain, they rain
it only ignites the flame
so just let it burn
and when the tables turn
don’t leave the game
you’ve the flame
the darkness only brings the best out of you

Against the odds
just stand your ground
never back down
you rise, you fall
fight and stand tall
if you quit your search for bliss
it’ll all come to this,
one epic moment
when your hard-work pays off
and you stand with the pride
no shame, nothing more to hide

if your flame extinguishes
think of your pain
and the shattered dreams
and fading hopes
and you’ll feel it burning
deep inside your soul

No promises
of what your life awaits
Life’s not a bed of roses
so step out of the gate
and figure the world of mysteries
of sorrow and misery

but don’t forget that darkness makes you shine
Ignites the flame
so let it consume you
take the chances
its just another challenge
Another game

-The Gypsy

NOTE: it’s an old one ^_^
Found it in my Facebook notes. and when I say it’s old? it’s really really old.. xD


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  1. curtisbausse says:

    I hadn’t visited in a while. I love the new look site!

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