-She was now one of them-

She clipped her velvety dark wings with a pair of scissors they provided for her. They did not do the act however, they became the sole reason why she decided to remain an earthling and walk amongst the humans instead of flying in the infinite blue skies with others like her. One by one they took their flight but she remained on the ground-bereft. With despair and longing she watched them play in the azure.. round and round the beacon of light which welcomed them with equal enthusiasm.
The skies called for her and she too yearned for them. The winds beckoned her.. Whispered to her, secretly begging her to embrace the gift of love and freedom they offered. Tempting her to dive and float into the air and own the sky. For she was the queen. But she, dazed and shackled to the ground beneath her feet watched them fly. The flutter of their wings and gusts of winds only stretched the already expanding hole inside of her. The hole expanded and expanded. And she felt herself being devoured by the black-hole.
Her yearning for the gift slashed at her from inside, hacked her into a million dozen pieces. Her clipped wings now lay on the ground writhing. She felt empty. As monotonous as them. What have she done? Now, there’s nothing unique about
 her. She’s like everyone else. The only distinct feature of hers now lay on the ground writhing… dying. Tears crimson as the blood-dripped from her back-sprang from her eyes dripped down her chin.. her clothes smudged red just like the pool of red she was standing in. The ones she clipped her wings for walked away mocking like she was some sort of April-fool prank.
A visual joke. A joker? A jester? A jester with no jokes to tell yet they were amused. Was she amusing this way? April-fool pranks are humorous after-all. She bent down and picked up her once lively wings to bury them in the ground along with her yearnings, and dreams. Gone were the wings. Gone was her freedom and gone was her lively self. Earthlings watched her and smiled. She was now one of them. 

-The Gypsy

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