-Achromatic Butterfly-

The achromatic butterfly soared higher into the blue sky blushing crimson as if at her arrival or perhaps at the arrival of her fellow collectors. She looked around herself. Everything so colorful.. so bright. All the other butterflies around her,  colors splattered on the canvas. The chromatic flowers, the golden laughing sun or the happy-weepy clouds. The artist must have forgotten to paint her. What could the artist be thinking? What went wrong when it came to her?
She flew down to the lake of swans. Looked hard upon her reflection, at her achromatic wings-disappointed-she stared crying. A Drop Of Rain fresh upon the grass heard her sobs and cleared his throat to get her attention which he did. She searched for the object that created such bizarre sound but of-course saw nothing. The Drop Of Rain was like a chameleon catching colors of it’s surroundings. Again, the Drop Of Rain repeated the act and the butterfly once again saw nothing but the rocks, grass and flowers. Drop Of Rain sliding down the grass blade shouted on top of his lungs and this time succeeded in getting her attention as the achromatic butterfly saw sun shine on his transparent invisible self. He grinned at the butterfly and greeted her. Taken aback she greeted him back. “well.. wanna talk about it?” confidently spoke the Drop Of Rain giving her an encouraging smile. “Oh Come on I’ve already heard you stifle a sob.. shouldn’t you be justifying that? I was asleep and your sobs shook me out of my slumber..so.. ”
Embarrassed she started her sob-story “I’m the achromatic butterfly… in a chromatic world.. I have no colors…” She said it with a straight face. He looked at her for good 20 seconds and then he burst out laughing. Never had he a good laughter as this one his entire life. “Dear oh dear… God… You’re achromatic… but me?.. look at me… I’m invisible!! ha ha nobody can see me.. nobody cares… I’m the color of what I’m on.. I’m colorless my lady…. you have colors. You’re just not like other colors? You are unique. I see chromatic things flying around here every day but never have I seen something as unique as you.. The artist did a fine job on you Missy… ” Then he burst into laughter again. She gave this queer little fellow a strange look and finally understood his point. She was achromatic but not colorless. And she was definitely one in a million. After-all it’s not everyday you see an achromatic butterfly.

-The Gypsy


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