-Rose Seller-

This withering rose that lies in the palm of my hand is of great importance to me.
Wrong. You’re wrong..
Not because it’s from a lover of mine. Haha! That was the first thought that crossed your mind. Nay?
Back to the rose!
It’s important to me because It was amongst the rose collection of a very beautiful little girl-The rose seller I’ll name her-A little rose herself in somebody’s garden. People all ignored her. For no one these days has time anymore to stop-by and listen to this Rose-Seller. I was with two of my best friends and we did have a lot of time on our hands so we did stop-by and decided to buy a rose from the Rose Seller who smiled. And I swear she had the most beautiful smile.
I couldn’t take her picture and that I regret. I hope I see her again. I respect her. And adore her and other little ones like her. Because they chose not to become a burden on their families. They share it. Tackle the problems together.They could like other children beg on the streets. But they don’t. It’s beautiful. Begging is most definitely easier than selling roses or cheap plastic toys or rubber-bands etc.
I didn’t need the rose. Neither did my friends but we bought it from her anyway because the Rose Seller was trying and we didn’t want to discourage her. Hard-work must pay-off! MUST!
So, to anyone reading this post almost of no importance to you please buy stuff anyway from these people, you may make up their day. They’ll be encouraged and not look for easy ways like begging.

-The Gypsy

PS I’m against child labor but those little kids who stand up and face the world and decide not to beg..consider it a shame are my favorite kind of people ❤


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