You’re sweet as a mango. And that’s why my dear you attract the swarm of wild bees. They feed on your sweetness-oozing out of your wounds inflicted-gulping mouthfuls of it down their dry throats, devouring you, savoring your ripeness, hungrily, greedily. For never had they anything this pure, this sweet.
They suck and suck. They sting you then and leave you in pain destroying your fineness and quality. Leaving you damaged. But they have stuffed their empty stomachs with the nectar you offered depriving you of your own sweetness and love. The sting-bites remain unhealed and bleeding. The price you pay.
But they are satisfied, chock-ful.
You’re sweet as a mango my dear and perhaps that’s why you get picked by the impure, thirsty, greedy and deprived.
You’re sweet as a mango hence, you get devoured!

-The Gypsy


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