Memoria-The Fire

She jumped backwards-shrieking-as she threw another blanket over the stove now in flames. Perhaps the kerosene leaked? It was after-all one of those old-fashioned stoves which did not require gas. The hungry fire lashed at her, flared, threatening perhaps to plunge at her, eat her, embrace her? She threw a quilt over it this time which killed the fire.
She sighed, tears flowing down her face, she thanked the God. “Girls” she whispered to herself and rushed to the master bedroom. There they were lost in their own world, unaware of the incident that could have burnt their entire heaven down. The girls felt her arrival, scrutinized her and realized something was wrong. They asked her, she said everything was fine… But her tear-stained face broke their hearts so, they to0 started weeping. She beckoned them to her and embraced them both at once and gave a peck to each on forehead. Everything was okay.
The fire had stopped but where was her husband?

-The Gypsy

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