-Fall of Icarus-

Oh poor Icarus. Almost fled his fate. Little did he know he was much admired by the deep blue sea. Wanted by the forsaken sun. Allured by gravity. Loved by death. He longed for freedom. And they longed for him just as much as he longed for freedom. Oh how the sun had flirted with him and beckoned him, promising him his freedom and love, forgetting entirely the wax on his wings. The wax melted. Oh how the winds had warned him and eventually felt at loss for not being able to carry him away-safely. They tried though. The gravity-greedy- pulled him to her too. And the deep blue sea-hungry- swallowed him. Death- waiting patiently- embraced him, took him under her wings fulfilling the promise. Bestowed him with freedom!

-The Gypsy


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