-7 Things Girls Look For In A Guy-

Well guys I’m sure you have all sort of questions to what is it that we girls wants to see in our guy. What makes a guy worth our stares, worth our jaws dropping, worth making our hearts go haywire, worth stalking you on social media? What is it that we want to see in you? What special features do we want in you that separates you from a mere mortal? Now I’m sure most of you think you have it all. Really? Then why did she not look at you and decided to give stomach butterflies to that nerdy looking friend of yours. Why not you?

Consider it your lucky day boys for I am about to shortlist 7 things other than good looks duh-biously that we ladies like in our men.

1. Be Charming! Be The Alpha Male.

Could it be that this nerdy friend of yours has a good personality and is charming? Maybe that’s why he gets the girl and not you. I mean you got good looks and muscles but he gets the girl. Ever wondered why Jean Grey chose Cyclops over Wolverine?
I mean Wolverine had muscles, was manly no? But Scot Summers gets the girl. Simple, he was charming.

3. Good Grooming Matters. Dress Nicely!

Good grooming comes handy. Well, we girls don’t necessarily fall for a guy in suit but who doesn’t like a guy in tuxedos?
And If you go for casual, then wear something that doesn’t make you appear “like you’re tired of this life but you want a girl anyway..” Attire is a way of expressing yourself.
And always smell nice.  Make use of those perfumes and aftershaves. Surely, you don’t want a lady scrunching up her nose. I mean, imagine you hug her and she doesn’t like the way you smell. Or imagine you kiss her and she doesn’t like the way you taste or it’s the morning breath because Oops! you forgot to brush your teeth! Avoid these Oops moments!

4. Good Humor: Way To A Girl’s Heart

A women sadistic or happy would never fall for a man with an iota of a sense of humor. So, if your humor is dead. Revive it! Make the weeping-willow laugh. Be a jester to Her-Majesty. Tell her jokes when she’s sad. We girls definitely dig good humor. After-all who wants to remain sad for the rest of their life and stare at a good looking guy without any humor?

5.  Be Compatible. She’s It!

That’s right. Study her like she’s all that is there to your life. Understand her. Know her. Her moods. Her likes and dislikes. Focus on her interests. Most importantly listen to her. Talk to her. Tell her your secrets. Make her feel special. That would definitely make you her “It”. The moon of her dark moonless nights.
Take her out. Walk in the park holding her hand. And remember  one thing. I say learn it by heart “She is always right!”. And you’re good to go.

6. Respect and Honesty

Disrespectful men are a turn-off to many ladies. Don’t do that. If you like her respect her. Also, girls love men who are respected by their friends and other people. We ladies definitely dig that! Once again, be an Alpha male.
Be honest. Batman respected Rachel but he wasn’t all that honest or was he?
So be an open book. I mean,  Flash-Barry- only got the girl when he was utmost honest! And Felicity loved Oliver Queen more knowing he was the vigilante of the city. Nay?
Women like guys who don’t hide things from them.

7. Never Be Too Authoritative And Always Be Responsible

Ladies love a manly-man. It’s actually a turn on point for many ladies. A little sense of authority. You own her. She’s yours. But don’t smother her. Give her some personal space and respect that. Don’t make her kick you out of her life. Because some bad-ass women wouldn’t think or hesitate another second and kick you out! Never tell a woman what to do. Never! Because they always know. They know everything. They definitely know how to kill a guy in 15 different ways.
Be responsible. Know what are your responsibilities as her man. Never abandon her. Be there for her.

-The Gypsy



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