-Anarkali Retold-

About 7 billion faces and she chose his to obsess over and bring about her own demolition.
Love, indeed is blind.
And if Mughal Emperor Akbar had been alive today or if he could read the above written words of my not so predictable tale, he would start the great Armageddon probably to correct me with an asterisk.

“Dozen noble families and this imbecile chose to fall for a dancer.. A salve to entertain his childish heart?” (With a smirk he says) “A child can not forever entertain itself with one toy.. eventually it tires of it and desires another…. Better buried in the walls!”*

Ouch. Cruel!
Like hello your highness, who wouldn’t fall for that damsel? Even a blind guy would  gladly cut his heart out for her, only upon hearing her melodious voice. She was after-all the Aphrodite of Mughal Empire. Nay?

Okay. I can literally hear, the ladies of no-more existing Mughal Empire, cursing me, screaming and screeching.
Fine. Ladies… ladies… Jehangir’s Aphrodite?
He worshiped this devi. I see Akbar again has this urge of obstructing my story telling for I can see him fuming with wrath. And he says,

“Only God is worth worshiping.” um okay. But Your dead highness, in love the beloved is always the god and heart, the sacred temple.

Anyhoo! We all know the famous and typical tale of Anarkali and Salim’s love affair which led Anarkali to her doom and His Highness Akbar to make the most tyrannical decision ever. He ordered for the Mughal Empire’s most beautiful and his beloved son Jehangir’s beloved or illicit lover as he puts it, to be entombed alive between two walls.
Yep. Savage!

You have Queen of England? We have King of Mughal Empire. Akbar!
Not that we’re in a competition. For you will obviously win. PEACE!

Anyway, according to the typical tale everyone gets to live happily ever after even the sad Salim (Jehangir) except for Anarkali herself. For Salim gets the beautiful and cunning Noor Jehan, the brains of Jehangir’s witless Empire. Salim is a man after-all of high importance being the crown Prince. Besides, there was question of the Empire. He along with life moved on burying his kisses and promises along with his childish self. And here I thought love could move mountains. Love here didn’t even rebel against his Pita Jee (father). Or tried saving Anarkali.
Salim wants to add something “Mountains are easier to move but moving my father’s heart.. Nope!”
Err Okaayyy!

Well, Reader you must be wondering how is my tale any different from this one? Now that you have an idea of what the original tale is about I shall take you once again back to the times when Akbar the 3rd Mughal Emperor was in power proudly ruling the Mughal Dynasty.


Barefoot and blindfolded, she danced unlike any other dancer, swinging the sword as naturally as she swayed her body. Composed and calm she breathed in the serenity and the presence of her opponent. This vulnerable looking girl could bring the entire Mughal Empire to shame with her swordsmanship only. Beauty was a bonus point.



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