Life vs Death

Why do people fear death when really it is life they should be afraid of. Death is easy. Fast. Simple. It brings you nothing. And If it takes anything at all it’s the misery horrors and soon to end joy, perhaps, time? It guards life itself. Whereas, life has all the horrors if mysteries and wonders too. And happiness which sooner or later turns to unsurpassable grief alone is often deemed life. When truly misery and pain rules the throne of life just as much as happiness or pleasure does. Life is everything.. birth of beauty, perpetual love, bliss woeful really, and tremendous never-ceasing pain, hideous truths, beautiful lies, immortal hatred but death, it is nothing. Life is the beginning and death? Death is the ending. The freedom.The keeper. Ends all. Nothing remains but peace. No struggle. The eventual fate. The end.

-The Gypsy


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