Swaying in the dark unaware
Blazing for the craving stares
We don’t know really who we are
Gypsies in the dark like wandering stars
Embellishments they pretend to buy for lovers
No destination, not really, just set out to discover
Lands afar, our selves, all the hidden treasures
Desperate to find, to be, to seek, a seldom pleasure
Beyond the nth degree, till the only forever
Till the sky falls, till there is no never
We’ll wander and wander beyond rhymes, beyond times
Sailing through the odds, through the melancholic chimes
Lanterns on the night sky
Ships on a sojourn, passing by
Sifting through the oceans, through the mystery
Cherishing the freedom, savouring liberty
Minds synced, never stopping you and I
Till the last breath, till we die.

-The Gypsy


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