Regards, the Useless Cluster!

It’s just a matter of time you’ll be another wilted flower
You’re fading colours with every passing hour

Among the bright ones you’re a dimming star
You’re not a diamond,  you’re an ashing cigar

You’re worthless. If anything? A humorless joke
You’re a dark horse, a black sheep, a wisp of smoke

You’re nothing. And nothing. Only nothing
You’re afraid. So afraid. A disgrace. Always running

Truth is we all are. But we pretend. To be right, to be strong, to be brave
Imperfections disguised, looting all glories. Oh we are all some petty knaves

To appear rather brilliant we wear outstanding shades
And we always come out clean with your neck on the blade

Regards, the bodies around you. Society judging you. Your deceitful self reviewing you
All those who degrade you, every-time you rise anew!

-The Gypsy


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