What to say when asked “How are you?”

When somebody asks you “How are you?”
What exactly is it that you want to say? It’s funny how we lie with a typical “I’m okay.” or a “good” or add another typical answer “fine.”
We never say we’re tired. We never say “not fine.” Or “alone” Or “fed up”. I’m afraid the list is long. I’ve been thinking why. Why not just say how you feel?
Why stuff all your dark feelings inside?
What good are they?
Are you a city or a prison? The latter I bet. It’s okay most of us are. We don’t want people to know who we are. We go with the charades. The made-up conversation. Because it’s such a formality to avoid all the “whys”.

Just say it. You’ll feel better. Trust me. I’m the Gypsy I know all.

-The Gypsy


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