The nurse squealed in excitement handing over the newborn to the mother.

It’s an object.
Oh God.. is… is it… still birth?

An Object!
But… it is crying..

Yes.. An object!


For you have already decided its future. In fact, you decided it when it was still in your belly.
What is it going to wear? What is it going to be? Which school will it go to? Which instrument it will learn to play…?  Violin or piano..  no guitars obviously. And when it is in high-school which subjects it will study? Business or sciences. No arts of course.
You’ll decide its friends. And find it a groom or a bride. Or decide if it’s good enough or not.

And later on, the society too will objectify them.

This object will carry on the same objectification.

Hence, Dear Parents you have given birth to an OBJECT.
Or in a more poetic sense “A PUPPET” or “A RAG DOLL”

Objects nevertheless. In the name of a secure future you created an object.

Now you’re wondering how this even comes under objectification. No?
Think again. Male and Females both are being objectified in a million ways. But haven’t they always been objectified? Since their arrival into the big bad world?

And those who choose a different path, the one not showed by the society are labelled as rebellious. Yes, morals, customs and traditions are important-the backbone of our very society. But when God created us He gave us “FREEWILL” and “FREEDOM”. What happened to that? Where did it go?

Objects lack that. Objects aren’t living things. They’re placed and shifted and molded or designed.

You cant decide your future, be who you want to be, then are you truly free? And are you living of your own free-will?

Did you choose to be this way? No. Your parents did. Because to exist in this cowardly world you have to be a coward.
Or to exist and live in this world you have to pretend to be normal. As normal as them.

When you were born normal in a mad mad world. But what is being normal? What is being mad? Answer voted by the majority of course.

With society as our god..Yes, we exist to please it. It must be our god.

Placed in a doll-house. Some toys-Objects!

Funny how we never got tired of being objectified.



-The Gypsy


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