Created an artwork for my write-up. \m/

Rants Of A Gypsy

When you finally snap out of your dreams and realize for the first time what’s exactly going on around you. When you realize that you really don’t know yourself or those around you. When you finally see through faces and facades and the reality of everything hits you hard. It feels as though you’re falling in an abyss. a black-hole is attracting you towards it with such great magnetic force that you can’t pull back and you often wish to revert back to your old delusional self but it’s too late for that. You can’t go back to sleep.

When the world seems more like a maze and you’re lost in it. Happiness more like a mirage and Chaos the only reality. You try desperately to understand the phenomenon of life and purpose behind it. How bizarre? How utterly strange? When you finally ask yourself why you exist? Everything maddens…

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