After Midnight Honesty Talk #1

Mom: relax and try to be happy… okay?
Me: Are you happy?
Mom: No.. but..
Me: then how can I be? Besides one needs a reason to be happy.. I have none. Neither do you..
Mom: You’ve got your entire life ahead of you to live… how are you going to pass the remaining of what you have?
Me: You mean to exist.. ? Breathing?
Mom: you’re not getting my point..
Me: You’re not getting mine.. It’s pointless.

She didn’t get my point. I definitely got hers. Besides, one can not just win from a parent.. I mean I love her and respect her lot more but all that serious talk about life or future? I hate it. People tell you to be happy like it’s simple. All you have to do is think you’re happy and all your sadness will disappear. If only.


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