Change.. always positive?

Change isn’t necessarily positive. The word itself means to become different. The different can be good or bad. Anyway, a teacher of mine during a lecture asked us what change really means? And obviously that was my answer.. But he wouldn’t concede to it. He kept saying it is always positive.. And then he gave us the example of American presidential elections of 2012, how people then demanded change. Well I do have an answer to that too. The sort of change they were demanding depended on the situation and condition of that time. But my teacher still thinks change is always positive.
Or did he mean, in the long run perhaps? Or because everything that happens is interrelated?

Do you think change is always positive? If yes then how so?
Because I have seen people change into horrible creatures… and horrible ones (hardly) into sweet things…

-The Gypsy


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  1. mahambabar says:

    Who was the teacher? xD


      1. mahambabar says:

        Don’t know him. 😛


      2. Aiza Chaudry says:

        I hope you dont have to know… :p He’s creepy.

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  2. mahambabar says:

    And yes, change can be positive as well as negative.

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