Maybe, I don’t want to live. I’m bored of this life. And maybe, I don’t want to die either. I’m pretty sure I’ll end up bored. Maybe, I just want to be away.. far far away from all those I love and all those I can’t bear to look at. I want to roam this world and send postcards to my family and friends.. I want to paint in all those different places and write from there.
For once, I want to live for myself. That may sound selfish. But I want to know “me” to my very depth. I want to love myself. In order to be whole I need to do that. I need to travel. I need to explore. I need to know myself more. I mean I didn’t name this blog “Rants of a Gypsy” without a reason. I’ve always been a gypsy.
And live for myself I shall…


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