-Endless Abuse-

Fingers wrapped around my throat, tightening

Gasping for air, painless and perplexed in a moment frightening

Stood the perpetrator clutching harder and a motionless I,

Neither a sound from my mouth nor a tear escaped my eyes

Violating me, killing me, abusing me, screamed the inner me,

But I stood still, an absentee

Amidst the horror my hands pushed him, struggled with the force, they lashed

At the perpetrator who hit me so hard that before my eyes events of past flashed

When the neck those nefarious hands clutched wasn’t mine

And my soul had screamed then “tomorrow it shall be thine”

Oh mother, O mother I have tried but my body can take no more tattoos

And if I keep it hushed it’s an endless abuse

O mother, dear mother why can’t we refuse?

Ourselves the pleasure of this never ending pain, the gory days or the dark and the blues

Your acceptance and silence to it has caused for the sea to be in storm

The sky may wail but the storm will destroy and with grace she’ll perform

The last act, the finale you fear, yet are oblivious to

Once the beast awakens it’ll be his heart and the knife will rip it through

Mother O Mother, that’s just what I fancy, sight of him now has my blood boil

And sometimes, the only help a withering plant needs, is the change of the soil..

-the gypsy

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