-In the land of fragile egos-

What would you have done, had it been you? The sun rises because it has to rise, it sets because it has to eventually set, there’s no questioning “why”. She did what she thought she had to do, what would you have done? There isn’t much a girl from the land of fragile egos could do. Nothing much, but enough to wound an ego, and be punished.

What had she done? What got her where she now stood? She rejected a man, which somehow wounded his ego, his pride, his entire being. She had slapped him in the face without so much as touching him. That’s what she did. But the cost was high. Being a “She” in a “He” world, how dare she express herself, how dare she think, how dare she say, how dare she speak up for herself. She had to be punished. She must remain weak. She must not realize her strength. She must be hushed.

Acid. Screams. And eternal silence.

Why? She wondered why. It wasn’t a sin. It was her given right. By religion, by law. Why must they think that women are weak, why must they believe they’re gods? Why must they decide our fates? Why must we remain silent? The heart beats and it speaks. The silence means it’s dead.

A woman is not weak. A woman channels life, brings it to the world, endures the pain, to bring these men in the world to be called weak, to be imprisoned, to be pushed and used, to be insulted? to be considered a lesser being. Why? She wondered  why.

Why was she born in the land of fragile egos? Why must a woman born in the land of fragile egos?

-the gypsy

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