Single with all my dreams is not really being single…

I’m not looking for love. My goals are different. I just want to make all my dreams come true and I don’t want a guy to do it for me or help me do it.
Why is it so hard for people to accept it? Not all girls want to fall in love, not all girls want to get married, some have bigger goals.
I would like to live all by myself, I mean I would still want to hang out with all my friends ages later but I want to know myself more and explore my hidden talents more. Is that too much to ask for?
In a country of browns, a girl grows up believing she has to either fall in love or get married. A good “rishta” (proposal) must await her and a prince charming on a white horse will sweep her off her feet before the silver shows in her hair or her skin wrinkles.
Not me. I was always different. Maybe love exists, maybe people should get married, hell they should do what they want as long as none of this is enforced on me. I mean my life, my rules and like the rest of you I get one chance. 😀

-the gypsy


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